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Finding Fundraisers


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I have been seriously neglecting trying to do promotional marketing for fundraisers because I am stumped on where to begin. Just haven't done that many to have a good grasp of how to go about it. I have some ideas but how do I go about getting contact info? and what is the best way to contact a group or organization? Phone calls? Mailings?

What do you do to get fundraisers? I could really use some ideas to get me started.

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Local Churches... I would send a letter/pamphlet with some nice product photography, just to give them an idea of what you're offering, and then a clearly stated breakdown of what kind of profits they can expect. I'd do the same for local PTA's, but perhaps drop a candle off at the PTA heads office or at the main office for them to pick up, with an offer for them to try it out and see how they liked it.

You can place free ads on craigslist, most local news stations have free ads on their websites too. I think there are also online registries... but im not sure how legitmate those are.

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PTA's.. Send info to your local schools. Find out who the PTA president is and address it to them. Send a brochure, sample scents etc..

Hit up the sports teams, band, cheerleading, hockey, skating, boy scouts, youth groups etc. They are always looking for fundraising ideas.

Mass mail them all.

I once went thru my local phone book and sent letters to all the local churches, schools, and daycares and sent them my fundraising info..

Once you get a few good fundraisers going, then hopefully by "word of mouth" other school groups/teams will want to use you too.

Good Luck!!:cheesy2:

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