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Great burn, then no wick!


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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to run this past you--and maybe brainstorm a bit. I need someone else's wisdom and experience here.

I'm testing jj's using pure soy and cd wick. I've had two different scents burn like superstars until the very end (with about an inch left). They have full melt pools, with 1/2" depth all the way down, no soot, etc. I think I'm in the clear, and then I turn around and the wick has disappeared and drowned out! I'm thinking that maybe they just need to be watched and the wick trimmed better-- or maybe the wick isn't getting enough oxygen at the bottom? I went down a size and there's lots of hang up--it's obviously something else. I'm scared to go up a size because I just think it would be too much. Is it maybe that the wick just can't stand up to this application? I've had excellent luck with CD's, but mostly in apothecaries. I've switched to jelly jars and am still learning the ropes.

Thoughts?? I'd be very grateful.


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Tabbed wick systems are designed for the flame to distinguish once it hits the top of the wick tab. It should leave about 1/2" or more of wax at the bottom. It may look like there is a lot of wax in the bottom but if you inspect it closely you will see that the wick has reached the tab. Is this what you are talking about?:confused:

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