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Three Batches Curing! Question About Bags


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I finished 1 batch of tarts last night (HCS's Warm Gingerbread) & this morning I finished 2 more ... TCS's Blue Spruce & HCS's Pumpkin Pie Spice! I once again chickened out on using the silicone molds again & just used the metal ones. I'm not real thrilled with the fragrance at this point but hopefully after curing they will be good. Of course I used the TCS container wax. I'm kind of stuck at this point until Tuesday because I have no other large glass jars in which to cure any more tarts.

I need to buy some gift bags. I am looking at the Kraft Tin Tie bags on the PaperMart site ... the ones with the little windows ... but there are 2 to choose from & I don't know which one to pick. One has a glassine liner & the other has a polypropylene liner. Which one will NOT leach out the scent? Also, how many 2-oz tarts (I'm guessing that's the weight of the tarts you get with these metal tart molds) can I put in a 1/2-pound bag?



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