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ez soy and dye


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Unfortunately frosting is an accepted part of soy candles. You can try to minimize it to some degree, but it is very hard to eliminate.

I did find that I tended to get more frosting when using the liquid colours, so moved to the colour blocks. This reduced my frosting issues considerably in some cases.

I have also found that the frosting is also affected by the FO that you use and even a combination of FO / colour. For example in my Spiced Cranberry, no matter what I did, I was unable to stop the frosting, so I no longer pour that one in soy, just in palm now.

Changes in temperature will also affect what is happening to your candles.

At the moment here we are coming into summer which for candles is always hell. I can pour a batch which look absolutely beautiful the night of the pour and the next day, however a few days later depending on what the weather has been doing they can have frosting from mild to extreme.

Unless it is really bad I tend not to worry too much, and explain to my customers the properties of natural waxes.

What works for one person. however may not work for another, so you are going to have to experiment and test to see what works for you.

Others here will also have other ideas and solutions that you can try, so good luck with it.

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