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Mixing PB with Container blend?

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Hi everyone

Has anyone out there mixed a pillar blend wax with a container blend wax {soy} to make a container candle? Since my container blend gives me wet spots with certain FO'S, Im wondering if the right amount of pillar blend added, would pull away just enough to give one giant {covering the whole jar} wet spot, but not shrink so much that it rattles around. I do intend to try this once I plough through my gazzillion other jobs, unless of course, someone who's tried it, reports that its a dismal failure!

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I have never tried that, but it doesn't hurt to try. I use the CBL-130 from Candlewic and it does pull away from the sides. I don't get wet spots at all...the only problem with that, is that there is space between the jar and the wax so if you heat gun the top or do a layer you have to do it before the shrinking occurs. Otherwise wax runs down the space and looks all messy. I get great results with that wax so it is never usually a problem.

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unless of course, someone who's tried it, reports that its a dismal failure!

Do your own experimentation. Just because this doesn't work for someone else doesn't mean it won't work for you!

I personally have never subscribed to the concept of trying to get no adhesion to resolve "wet spots." Ecosoya makes a container blend that is supposed to pull away from the glass. The problem is that if it sticks in a few areas, you are no better off. When the candle is burned, it WILL run between the unmelted wax and the container sides. The only time it appears "perfect" is before the candle is burned.

First, make sure your glassware is clean. There is residue left by the manufacturing process. Wash the containers in HOT water, either with Dawn (a grease-cutting detergent) or Parson's sudsy ammonia (my first choice) and allow them to air-dry. Prewarm the containers (notice I said "warm" and not "hot" - the containers should not be too warm to handle). If the "wet spots" are only occurring with certain FOs, how much are you using? Perhaps reducing the amount of FO will help. Be sure you are stirring the wax & FO sufficiently to get it well-incorporated with the wax.

Wet spots occur also when the temperature changes. Happens a lot this time of year and in the spring/early summer. There's not a lot one can do about that. Look at commercial candles. You will see lots of wet spots. This is a cosmetic issue and has no effect on the burn qualities of the candle. If it really bothers you, consider using frosted glassware.

Frankly, if this is the ONLY issue you are having with your candles, I wouldn't lose a lot of sleep over it nor would I consider changing a formula that's working for me just because of a few wet spots.

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If it really bothers you, consider using frosted glassware.

Hey Stella

Personally I have found that using frosted glassware actually increases the visibility of any wet spots that occur. Also I dont know whether it is my supplier of a general thing, but I have also found that the frosted glassware seems to "feel" lower in quality or thinner. Might just be me, who knows :confused:

With my blend of soy / non crystallizing container palm, I am looking at adding a small percentage of non crystallizing pillar blend to it to see if I cant get it to hold up better in the summer months here.

Koalagirl, ACS now stock a non crystallizing pillar palm which we have been playing with a little here for some of our shaped melts as on those we dont want feathering.

Just have to get through this busy period of markets and parties and will then start to experiment a little with a small % addition to see how it holds up in the heat, and what it does to the burn overall.

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