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Hi Jackbenimble-

I am super new to candle making but in what I have done and tested so far I like NG in soy. I have tested several of them, cranberry spice being my favorite and they have all been excellent in tarts and tealights- I am still trying and testing jar candles but the cranberry spice in 464 with a cd wick in a mason jar has given excellent hot throw for me (have other issues to work out with wick)

I just order the 1 oz. bottles so I am not out to much money if I dont like it and they ship super fast-wonderful customer service!

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I've loved Nature's Garden FO's and love love love their customer service and how helpful they are in answering any questions you might have. They ship extremely fast! Their line of FO's is really extensive and they listen to their consumers. There you have a lot of choices.

Maybe someone who told you that tried, got one of those scents that are totally wonderful in other products, but just doesn't like the soy for some reason. Also I think curing time for some things is really long, and impatiently people try to sell or burn too quickly before the cure is complete.

One of those that take a long cure for my soy products is Sugar Cookie Brulee. It smells awesome though I have to wait several weeks to really get a good throw with it.

I've tried many of the fragrances and all in all they are great in soy. Some I personally love and some I'm just happy I got a tester. I think it is exactly the same for every company you can get FO's from. Personal "tastes" in a scent also matter.


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We use quite a number of NG oils here as well. Yes we have had some that dont throw well in soy and we have had some that we just dont like, or that customers dont seem to like. Such is life I guess.

Any that we dont like just get poured into tarts and sold a little cheaper as discontinued scents. Those that dont throw in soy get used in tarts and pillars.

Unfortunately as we are located about 12,000 miles from NG is is somewhat difficult to smell what we are buying first....LOL. Thats the risk we take, but overall we have some awewsopme scents from NG and will continue to purchase from them.

As other have said as well their customer srevice is awesome. 6 days from ordering to arrival on my door in Australia cannot be beaten I dont think.

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