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Question for the M&P Swirl Gurus


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I was looking at a M&P swirl video by Soap Queen and noticed another video over to the side. It was for a place called Mish Mash Soap. They have these soaps that have the nicest swirls, but I can't tell if they are actually a swirl or an embed. The reason I think it's an embed is because the swirls are fairly thick and very symmetrical. Pictures are below. You can really see the swirl in the clear and it looks embedded.

Does anybody have any idea how they might have done this? I've looked for molds that look like that, but didn't find any. Was wondering if maybe it was a thick shaving from a soap slab that they formed into the design then let harden.

Or, maybe it is an actual soap swirl. If so, how would you get such thick and perfect lines?

Inquiring minds want to know....:confused:



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Definitely embeds.

The first half of this video shows how you can make your own mold out of waxed freezer paper.


You can then pour a thin enough layer of soap that you'll be able to manipulate into similar shapes. You have to shape your ribbons before the soap sets completely, when it is still very flexible. I think she used a loaf mold, placed the ribbons how she wanted, and then did an overpour.

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