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going dye free, how much smaller wick?


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hi all,

i'd like to go dye free with my 464 and i keep putting it off because the thought of all that testing again.... ugh! *shudder*

i know i can't (and won't) avoid testing all over again, but would like suggestions as to how much of a change in wicking i should try first.

i understand that many things will affect this, but let's say a candle with color and fragrance that actually burns beautifully with the recommended wick.

i realize that's a dream not often achieved , but given that as a starting point, i'd appreciated your thoughts.



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I have to say that the only colorant that ever effected the wick selection was when I bought some White dye that really turned out to be a pigment.

That white clogs the smaller wicks, so I had to wick up when I used it. I'm looking for a real white dye now, not a pigment.

I have not noticed any issues with any other liquid or chip dye so no/light/heavy colorant just isn't a factor in my testing (other than pigments of course).

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