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Need Help choosing Peaks samples


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I have used some of Peaks FO and have found some really awesome ones.

I'd like to find a few more sample to try because I just got their newsletter and ..... hint, hint! Look over in the Market Place on this Forum.

I'm looking for those with strong HT.

I'm planning to get their new pumpkin souffle and spruceberry.

I already have their Spruce Christmas tree, Amish Harvest, Pear Spice & Sugar Plum Berries, BRV, White tea & ginger. I'd really appreciate it if you have tried and tested and found some awesome one if you could share them. Thanks:yay:

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I have used a few of their oils. I love them.

I have used:

Creme Brulee-strong and yummy

Pomegranate-very good

Ocean-very fresh and nice

Pink Sugar- best I have tried

Mango Peach Salsa-this is awesome and sells great!

Amish Harvest-top seller in tarts

Black Raspberry Vanilla-the best ever

I hope that helps.

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I've tried and like:

Gingerbread Cookies


Home for the Holidays


Amish Harvest

Rose Bouquet

Frosted Carrot Cake

French Vanilla

Mango Papaya


Thats all I can think of at the moment. I have pretty good success with their oils. The only ones I didn't like were Spiced Cranberries and Sugar Plums.

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Botanical Orchard & Nectar

Mango Peach Salsa

Wild Mtn Honey...awesome in soap

Purely Peppermint...used as a mixer

Amish Harvest

French Vanilla & Amber

Cranberry Apple Marmalade

Pink Sugar


White Tea & Ginger

Black Canyon

These all kick butt in my Para/soy blend! I know there are more but I can't think of them at the moment.

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I have been thinking over the last month or so that Peaks doesn't get enough credit for having fantastic FO's and customer service. Their Amish Harvest (cinnamon spicy), and Black Canyon (sandalwood, musk) will throw in any wax. (At least all the soy and parasoys I have tried!) I love French Vanilla and Amber, it is so unique, with rich amber and I almost smell a touch of mint in the background, but I don't think it contains mint. The Cranberry Apple Marmalade seems to be a close twin to ICS Cranberry Orange Spice and CS Cranberry Marmalade, but Peaks is more complex and richer, IMO. Cornucopia is an apple-walnut-maple scent, very nice. Ocean is a fresh salty water scent, I got the idea from someone on here to mix it with a touch of Peak's Freesia, great soap scent! You won't be sorry if you sample Peaks!

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I've used almost all of them, if there are any specific you want to know about let me know... there are too many to list hehe

I was thinking about their pina colada or pineapple, sugar cookie, red clove, baby powder, botanical orchard, cranberry citrus, mango peach salsa or mango papaya. I'm looking for strong throwers. Thanks for all your help!

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You could pretty much try about any and find satisfaction in them ...

Leather (though I hate the smell in general)



Amish Harvest


Mango Papaya

Baby Powder

Red Clove

Cinnamon Balsam

Country Berry Hotcakes


My list is going to go on and on. There are some I have not tried, but most I have. If they're newer, I haven't. Just haven't been adding FOs so much this year.

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yeah spruceberry is new, i ordered it too.. cant wait to see what it turns out like!

pineapple is good, strong but i wouldnt use it alone, its more of a blender to me, then again I'm not a huge tropical scent fan

sugar cookie is strong, and nice!

baby powder is great, VERY STRONG, I use less % with this, its a thrower.

I liked the mango peach salsa, I dont use it regularly but I remember thinking it was a nice scent

some peak scents i dont like oob but then LOVE in wax.

peaks winners:

baby powder

birthday cake

blackberry tea

brown sugar fig

cinnamon buns

clean cotton

coconut lime verbena

coconut milk


fresh brewed coffee

fruit slices

fudge brownie


georgia peach

ginger peach


grandmas swinging eggnog

(green aloe and green tea I ordered this time, I'll let you know what I think when they get here)

hot cocoa


(lemon pound cake I ordered this time)

(midsummer night I ordered this time)

(orange blossom I ordered this time)

(paris twilight I ordered this time)

passionfruit guava is really nice

pink sugar

plumeria (so good)

(pumpkin souffle I ordered this time)

purely peppermint rocks, strong thrower

Raspberry truffle (not a fave oob, but good)

Sage lemongrass

(stargazer lily i ordered)

strawberry was nice, i wouldnt use it alone

sweet pea is light but great

(sweet pumpkin spice i ordered this time)

(tall grass I ordered this time)

(tuscan nights i ordered this time)

(twilight woods i ordered this time)

warm apple pie is a customer favorite in tarts

watermelon is nice

(wild mountain honey I'm ordering this time)

wild raspberry is a customer favorite, and I adore it

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