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Shipping FO's from States to Europe (Germany)


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has anybody successfully shipped /or received FO shipments here in Germany?

I would have it send through a private person, not the supplier itself.

Does anybody have info's on duty and shipping requirements?

I know usps only ships FO's with a higher flashpoint then 200F.

Any info appreciated as we moved here to Germany and i would like to start making candles again but it seems like all the good suppliers are in the states besides the very few ones in the UK.

If i could i would like to stick to the ones i know and have used while living in the states.



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yes i think duty is different, but if i have to pay that much duty if i get it commercially send it would not be worth it.

My husband had shoes shipped (from a company, not through friends) and paid an outrageous amount.

We usually order things and have friends send them to us declared as "gift". I'm getting something for christmas for our kids anyway, i should try to get some FO's at least a few for us to make some candles for the holidays, in the box as well.

Just checking how the ladies here in Germany usually get their stuff. It seems like ubure gets her FO's from the states.

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Hi there,

sorry for my delayed answer, but I havent't been here for weeks now so I discovered your question and candybee's pm only today.

Yes, I do get my fos from the US and yes, you have to pay costums (if I have a parcel with about 20 lbs I usually pay about € 50 or € 60 customs. I'm using Bongo US as a forwarder as they have quite good shipping rates.

Maybe you could pm me as there is the possibility to share the account with somebody and shipping gets a bit cheaper this way.

have a nice weekend,


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