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Poured my first candles!

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So, I took the plunge and poured my first candles tonight. I ordered a soy kit from Canwax. I followed the instructions to a T so we will see, though their instructions could be a tad more detailed (but I have read enough on here that I wasn't totally at a loss when I was unclear on something :) )

I got 2 FO's with the kit and chose Butterscotch Brulee & Hot Apple Pie. They said that you get co-ordinating colors but I got Pink & Canary Yellow...lol, not what I would figure for the scents but whatever :) I chose to try the EcoSoy Advanced first (they include 3 diff. types of soy) and used the recommended HTP 93's and the LX 12's for tealights. I poured 2-5oz apothecary jars, 2-4oz travel tins and 2 tealights with the Apple Pie FO. They smell great so far but I think the FO gave me a very bad headache :( I hope it just takes some getting used to. They did not have the glue dots in the kit so I had a really hard time wicking the jars and tins. They said to place the wicks in after pouring when the wax starts to get cloudy. The wicks kept bending as soon as I put them into the wax, I think I finally got it and they are being held centered with popsicle sticks at the moment. I am excited to test them out :yay:

How long would you generally wait to do your first test burn after they have set up?

Whew....probably a lot more info than needed...sorry ;)

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Good job at reading the instructions. The yellow dye with the butterscotch is fine. Eventually you'll see charts and suggestions about colors for a plethora of fragrances. If it looks good, go for it.

Wait at least 24 hours before burning. I've stared a burn when the wax was just starting to crust (30 minutes) and waited days for that extra curing time. 24 hours seems to be pretty much the soonest that works. Takes overnight to know if you need a second pour.

You know there is a lot of testing, but you're off to a good start.

Let us know how it turned out. A few good recipes are great to help folks get started.

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