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Honey Almond FO


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We are currently getting our Honey Almond FO from MMS. We absolutely love this scent and so does our wholesale client. However, I'm trying to find a supplier closer to the east coast that not only carries this, but also Hydrogen. Sometimes it takes awhile to get our shipments from MMS, so that's why I'm looking a little closer to home. I've searched some of the sites, but can't find them. Any suggestions?

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I don't order a lot from them except for some of the Old Mill FOs that they now carry. Those are:

Honey? or Kisses of Honey? Not sure which one it is but I'm leaning towards Kisses of Honey because the fragrance I know had no floral notes in it. Anway it used to be an Old Mill oil named Bacci de Miele. The absolute best honey fragrance I have yet to find. SGS has since renamed it so not sure which oil it is. Anyway, nothing comes close with the one exception of Elements/Flickers Honey L'Occitane. Maybe someone on this board knows which honey it is.

Bay Rum - if you like your Bay Rum to smell like rum this is the BR for you. Personally I love Elements/Flickers Bay Rum the best but sometimes you need one that has that rum kick.

Goddess - Another Old Mill favorite. Can't describe this one but its sultry, sexy, and earthy.

Peach & Lotus Blossom - Wonderful peach scent softened with a great floral. I use it in M&P soap and lotions.

Cherry Blossom - very true to the BBW fragrance.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey - simply the best OMH ever

Sandalwood Rose - this is a nice aromatic rose & sandalwood blend. Reminds me of those sandalwood rose drawer sachets I used to get for my bedroom chest when I was a girl. Very feminine yet fragrant and woodsy

Smoky Mountain Christmas Tree - if you need a strong throwing xmas tree this ones it. Very nice alone or as your evergreen mixer. Can save money by using at half strength.

Christmas Memories - Another one I am not sure if this is a name change from one of the Old Mill oils. But I've been using up a bottle of Christmas Cabin from SGS that was also an Old Mill oil they took over. I went to look on the website to order another bottle one day and xmas cabin was gone. I am hoping that xmas memories is it and they just changed the name. The description of it sounds like xmas cabin.

Its a little upsetting that they changed the names of some FOs and didn't indicate that the FO was renamed.:(

Anyway-- I have good experiences with the oils that I have tried so I would not hesitate to order anything that sounds good to you.

Its a shame they dropped their Lemon Sugar. That made an awesome lemon sugar scrub scent.

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