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Soapcrafters' Fos..


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I could have given you a review of soapcrafters fo's and colorants, had I ever received the order I placed with them over a year ago. Apparently they claim they never received my order...though they sure kept my paypal pymt of 100.00. According to correspondance I had with the lady who finally answered my email...the company was sold back to the original owner and she had no record of my purchase. I'm curious if they went under or if Elements is just carrying the fo and colorants only? I see Elements is now carrying some moonworks oils?

Maybe someone with a better experience with soapcrafters will chime in. I would have loved to help...if I'd gotten my dang order ;) And of course...their customer service does not reflect on their fo's...so forget that I said anything. I'm just still bitching about it...ticks me off still.

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Debbie- sorry you had a bad experience with soapcrafters. that really sucks. Did you contact your credit card company? I had the same thing happen with Mr. Missys. I had several positive transactions w Mr Missys. My last order, which totaled nearly 200.00, never arrived. I left several messages asking for tracking info. I called my CC company and they reversed the charge back to my account.

btw... was soapcrafters in business in the early 2000's? I think I bought oils from them long ago? when did they go outta business/

take care.

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