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wholesale question


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I'm starting to write up a wholesale "agreement" (order form and terms/conditions)

I was wondering if you offer the accessories for your product on your orderform (like candle warmers, sisal bags, soap dishes)

Also, do you mention approximently how long it will take to fill the order. I didn't know if this would even be possible since you won't know the order size and what else is going on order/life wise.

I think that is all my questions so far:)

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The only thing my wholesalers are interested in are candles to re-sell. I have warmers on my site but they don't sell to the public and of course no wholesaler wants them. I am about to delete that page. Sell what I have left at shows(on sale) and be done with hauling and trying to sell them on my website.

You might want to ask the wholesaler what She/He is interested in. Ask them if they are interested in the warmers and other things. We candlemakers get our at wholesale so we would have to ask a little more re selling them to wholesalers. Not sure the cost they would need to sell them for would make a decent profit. :confused:


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