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Some of my ceramic pieces.... (pic heavy)


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One of my many hobbies for the past few years has been

ceramics! I really enjoy creating with clay, it's an awesome medium to work with. I hope you don't mind me sharing some of my work with you.......

My Wonderland teapot, and a view of the inside speckling...th_ceramicsandsoaps018.jpgth_ceramicsandsoaps019.jpg

My little pot with drippy details


My Tea for Me set that won a ribbon @ the fair! :yay:


Buried Treasure vase (I wanted this to look like part of it had been buried, the other part exposed and weathered)


Peace Platter (larger than it looks & hand-stamped w/ peace symbols)


Seas the Day Bowl (done in Sea Green glaze)


These are just a few that I actually have pics of. Most are wheelthrown with the exception of the peace platter. The Wonderland teapot is partially wheelthrown and partially handbuilt. Thanks for looking! :)

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Oh how I used to love my pottery classes, you are inspiring me to take them again. I took them at the local junior college and some of the kids were just taking the class for credit and then there was me a 40 year old woman in a classroom of 19 and 20 year olds LOL, but I just loved doing these pieces. Yours look great, mine…not so much but I just loved the creative part of it.

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I know how you feel! That's what I did. :) I take it with a bunch of straight-out-of-high-school kids, but there are also a few older (late 40's) ladies who take it. I'm the middle child, I guess, at 38! LOL I love it so much, but it is taking up a great deal of my time and I may have to drop the class next semester. I'm only independent study right now, which is one credit hour but you can still come in during classtime and work right along with the 3 credit hour people! :cheesy2: I actually show up more than the 3 credit hour folks, who are just taking it thinking it is an "easy A" for an art credit. Suckers!!! My instructor makes you WORK for that A. They are going to be in for a shock when they see their grade! LOL

You should take it again! If I have to drop it for a while, I am definitely picking it back up later when I get my degree. I do enjoy ceramics so!! It is amazing to start with a lump of clay and make a piece that is functional and beautiful. :yay:

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