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Backwoods patchouli? Twin or similar


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Getting a little frustrated to say the least.... Went to order this and it's gone - anybody know of anything close? It was a sweet patchouli and very strong. I loved it in soap.

Some of my most popular FO are gone and no telling when they'll be back. Not just from Backwoods, tho.

I loved this scent. When I ordered it the last time, it had completely changed. She ended up sending me something to replace, and then pulled it from the site.

The last time I inquired about it, she said they where still working on getting the original one back in but weren't having much luck. That's been some time ago. I haven't found anything close to it either.:sad2:

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Our supplier sent us a completely different patch last time I ordered. I didn't notice until our customers began emailing me. Checked my reorder number and it was completely different. I have been trying to get my original but they seem to have lost the info on my original blend and have been no help at all. I will give it another shot this week.


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