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GB 464 VS EzSoy

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EZ soy is said to be 415 wax.

IMO it is exactly the same as I have tried both.

The only one that sells EZ Soy is BC. So you are limited where you can buy it.

Buy and try some 415 to see how it compares to 464. I personally think the hot and cold throw is better with the 415, but then the 464 sets up better and less frosting.. But everyone will have a different opinion..

So best to test and compare yourself..

They all have their quirks!! :rolleyes2

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I have been told by 2 people that love the 415 (ezsoy) that if you pour it slushy it makes all the difference. One of them colors and one does not. Hope that helps.

I personally find the 464 better to work with and I have started pouring it cooler.

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