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Cranberry Relish from NG


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never tried the cranberry, but i totally love hippy xmas!!! you can really smell the peppermint, the patch is soft-but i add extra dash of patch EO to bump it up. also, i change the name cause to me it is not a traditional xmas scent. i use it for candles/tarts, but it would be great in anything else!!


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I have not tried the cranberry relish or the others but their "spiced Cranberry" is soooo good- I put this one in at our business office and had so many compliments- it is not super sweet and has just enough spice to make it so homey and it is very strong in tarts- have to test my candles this weekend to see how they throw...maybe one day I will succeed in the candles- I might just start going wickless!

Let us know about the others if you try them- I have reindeer poo to try out also- I couldnt resist the name! LOL

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Cranberry Relish just smells like a tart cranberry, so if that's what you're looking for...

Hippy Christmas is NOT a Christmas scent. We renamed ours and sell it year 'round. A very nice blend of patchouli, vanilla, and mint. I personally don't detect the strawberry notes that are supposed to be there.

I haven't tried Elf Sweat or Country Bumpkin, but wanted to give you my input on the others :)


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Ok..I got my order and here are my oob thoughts..

Cranberry Relish..yep its just tart cranberry but not sure I will like it all by itself. Wax test will tell. It will be a great mixer for sure

Country Bumpkin..I cant wait to get this in wax..I like it oob....very complex in my opinion

Elf Sweat...Very sweet..I dont smell the soda pop oob..

Hippy Christmas...Love it although it reminds me of candlescience Eucalyptus mint..which happens to be a personal favorite of mine.

Reindeer poo...Nice christmas pine scent to it oob...

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