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Shampoo Bars??


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I want to try to make a batch of shampoo bars. I was wondering what oils some of you have used that didn't leave a sticky film on your hair?

The oils I have are olive, jojoba, coconut, palm, sunflower, glycerin, Castor, safflower.

I was also thinking about try to use a herbal tea in place of the water. I have some silk that I was going to use as well. I don't know I'm just throwing some ideas around.

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Every time I've made shampoo bars, I go heavy on the coconut oil. It's got a nice suds to it and doesn't weight the hair down...IMHO olive oil actually weighed my hair down quite a bit. The best bar of shampoo I ever made was corn, coconut, and peanut actually, but I know a lot of people are allergic to peanut so not a good idea if you want to sell it. Hope this helps!

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I use castor oil, for really thick lather (10%).

Jojoba oil (5%)

Coconut oil (30%)

Olive oil

Palm oil

I have two different kinds, one where I use beer instead of water, and another with aloe juice.

I like the tea idea!

Then, I use EOs that help keep lice away. But also have other benefits, each type though has an EO that lice don't like. I have school aged kids, not taking chances! I also added silk and my customers (and ME!) don't bother with conditioner anymore.

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