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Tortoise Shell palm wax in container?

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I haven't used that in a container, but I have used crystalizing palm and feather palm and glass glow palm in containers.

They are hard and burn hot. They pull away from the glass in most places but not all leaving wet spots.

They need larger wicks than soy or soft parasoy so the flame tends to be hotter.

Make sure your glass is thick and can withstand the temperature. Give adequate warnings about max burn time and not handling when hot, etc.

Otherwise, they look really nice and unique and um, well, unique. And they hold the FO well and I found they have a great throw on EO's. I don't hesitate adding expensive EO's to this wax.

My "blood pressure" EO candle that uses blood pressure reducing EO's (or those believed to work in this regard such as clary sage, ylang ylang, lavender, etc) really throws a scent that makes me take a deep breath and relax. Which reminds me, I'm out of Bulgarian Lavender and need to make more BP candles.

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Not sure as I have never tried it, but if it is a pillar wax and not a container wax it would pull away from the container.

How much and if it would effect the look and quality of the finished product would need to be tested to be sure.

Maybe pour one and see what it does?


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