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HELP!! In need of Berts Vanilla Latte DUPE


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I know Brenda posted this earlier but I need to get moving on this- now. Bert is having trouble getting this in so I need to search elsewhere. My fundraiser is due the 14th and I have 200 more candles to make with this f/o. I already have some poured so I feel I really can't change the scent much. I blend it with Creme Brulee but I still need 5 bottles. I have to place an order with NG so which Vanilla is VERY similar to Berts? They have Vanilla Bean, French Vanilla Coffee, and a Jamaican Vanilla Cafe.....Help!

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Unfortunately, I can't help with the NG scents comparisons. I haven't ordered any of those. :(

I have a couple Q-tip blends started to try to match the OOB scent before blending in wax. So far I have got 3 parts Becky's Ultimate Vanilla (JS) to 1 part Hazelnut Cappuccino (Bert's) It's pretty close but think I am going to add another part vanilla since the HC is still a bit on the bitter side. I know this doesn't help much with your timing.

8-gran-ones suggested the BC Carmel Walnut, it may be worth a try. But - BCN current lead time delivery to Ohio is about 5 days. I am waiting on an order to arrive today.

(Sending you a PM . .)

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