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Aha! discovery for using GG in status jars

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Hello! I am new, and have found the advice and knowledge of you all on these threads to be so helpful, so thanks!

Anyway- as many of you already know from reading past posts, GG palm wax in status jars are a tough combo! ( Perhaps any wax would be, but I am only using the glass glow for now....) The lack of crystallization on the bottom of candle has been my problem. I read over past posts, and was preheating jars, covering to cool, pouring nice and hot- STILL having the lack of crystals on the bottom. I tried cooling on a rack, counter, in the darn oven- still uneven crystallizing.

We all know the status has a thick glass bottom, and many of you had smartly identified that as being the cause.


Tonight, before I heated my jar in the oven, I heated up a metal cookie sheet. Then added the jar for a little preheating on the (hot) cookie sheet.

I pulled out the cookie sheet with jar on top, and poured that way. I left the status jar on the hot sheet and covered with a cardboard box. After checking a few minutes later, when normally I would clearly see the wax cooling improperly, I saw crystal formation along the bottom instead!! I hit the sheet with a little heat gun along the base of the jar as a further precaution, and it is looking very good!!

Just thought I would share.

I am using GG from candlescience, and CSN 14 from them as well. I do feel a bit tunell-y with the burn, but as you all know, towards the end it catches up.

Would anyone suggest trying a size up CSN 16 I believe... in the 12 oz status jar?

Thanks and glad to be on the boards!

Hope this tip may help someone else too!

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