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Vanilla Latte

Brenda (OH)

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Does anyone have a fragrance twin for Bert's / Heaven Scent's Vanilla Latte? I have a group who choose this scent as one in their fundraiser. It is not listed on Heaven Scents website and I need to a supplier who carries something similar OR begin blending. Any suggestions?

PS - I have emailed Bert but not heard back from her yet :(

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I need to order from Natures Garden anyway, and was wondering the same thing! Thanks Brenda for jumping on this! Does anyone know which Vanilla Scent from NG is the closest to Berts Van Latte.....The Vanilla Bean, Jamaican Vanilla Cafe, French Vanilla Coffee....so many to choose and not enough time to try them all!

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i know this sounds crazy..

but i have berts vanilla latte...

and just recently bought BCN..Carmel Walnut..

when I was testing the carmel walnut..i kept thinking this smells so famililar.

Finally I realized it smells so much like berts..it maybe a bit more sweeter than berts but not much, but after you start burning carmel walnut, it seems that sweetness disappears, and you have more of the bitter smell....am i making since?..:confused:

Also...if anyone is in desperate need of Berts Vanilla Latte..

I have 1 lb...I have tranfered it to a amber glass bottle..

i would let it go..as I have no fund raisers that is depending on it..

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