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Scentsy Dupes


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My cousin that is a Scentsy consultant is smell testing for me.

Scensty Lucky In Love = Love Spell by CS

Clean Breeze = Cool Cotton by CM

Pima Cotton = Sunwashed Linen CS

Cinnamon Bear - cinnamon stix (by any good fo supplier)

Blueberry Cheesecake = blueberry cheesecake by CS

Scentsy's scents are all copies from Yankee, VS, BBW, and a couple more candle companies that I never figured out. I'm trying to stay away from the exact scents that Scentsy is making except the ones that sold well year round for me which were Love Spell, Clean Breeze, Pima Cotton, Sugar Cookie, and Simply Irresistable.

The Sugar cookie should smell like super sweet vanilla with a hint of lemon. Anyone have suggestions on where to find something like that?

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I thought it could be helpful to share any Scentsy dupes we found so I started this thread. Please add to the list when you find one.

Scentsy's Welcome Home = Peaks Amish Harvest

Scentsy's Country Christmas = BCN Spiced Cranberry

Very interesting thread...good idea....had a Scentsy seller at the same "handcrafted" craft fair I had a booth at yesterday....grrrrrr. Yeah, handcrafted my backside. Whatever, but that's all been said before. They're not worth the aggravation. Just venting, though. :angry2:

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what about camu camu? I know a lot of people (on a mommy board) that are into/selling scentsy and that is one of the biggest ones they talk about. but I can't find it anywhere - any search just tells me what a camu camu plant is. but no dupes/fragrances come up.

Camu camu is pushed really hard by Scentsy marketing as one of their top selling fragrances but I think it's one of the few scents that they actually came up with on their own. The first time I smelled it, I thought they must have had a big boo boo and needed to sell out of it so were promoting it.

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