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C3 vs. 415


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As for soy, Im really torn between these two. They both have their quirks but I am happy enough with them. Just wondering which one, given the choice of the c3 or 415, (the c3 has additives , the 415 is pure soy) people have a preference for and why. I am loving the look of the c3 as it is not very hard to get a creamy nice looking candle but im finding that the 415 may have a bit better ht. Just wondering what others experiences are with these two waxes.

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This has been discussed often over the years and older discussions are buried in the veggie wax forum and are available by searching.

C3, unlike 415, is not a "pure" soy in the sense that it has additives to condition the wax and resist frosting.

Both are good waxes. Both have good throw. C3 has a better, more stable appearance. While I would not characterize C3 as "creamy," its appearance, both after pouring and repeated burns, make it my choice. I'm not interested in a good looking candle which has poor throw properties. While the appearance doesn't affect the burn or throw of a candle, most folks DO use candles for their decorative properties as well and C3 makes a better looking candle whose good looks hold up all the way to the bottom of the container. Some folks "embrace" the polymorphic frosting and cauliflowering of soy wax, but I find this visually objectionable. I don't try to convince customers that it's "the nature of soy" for candles to look like stuff that's been in the refrigerator too long. I'd rather make candles that resist that "look."

There's no law that says you have to choose between the two waxes. Make them both and decide for yourself over time and your experiences with both waxes. :)

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