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Over the passed month, I've recieved two emails from Wellington Fragrance. I feel that I've heard of them on the board before. I thought that they did only $500 orders (or was that trilogy) or are they the same. Would love any info.

Also, on a similar note, how are there fragrances?

thanks in advance,


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Their minimum with no service charge is $50. If your order is below that, they charge a $5 fee. I've ordered from them and shipping was reasonable through Fedex and they processed the order quickly. I've also sent an email which they promptly answered. So, can't complain in the customer service department.

I ordered China Musk, Exotica, Oriental Garden and Mother Earth to make incense. The fragrances worked very well for that. I've also put China Musk and Oriental Garden in 464 with good results.

I also got some samples of Dragon's Breath, Heavenly Musk and Neroli Cedar. Wish I would have bought larger bottles of all three. Absolutely loved Dragon's Breath. Heavenly Musk was very nice tho a bit light in wax. Been using the Neroli Cedar with different orange scents to try to make a good orange blossom for my Mom. Need to put some of the FO straight in soy because it is very strong OOB. Can really smell the cedar.

Anyway, hth.


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