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Candlewic Wood Wicks

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My first wooden wick order was about 10 months ago with Candlewic. I think I got some bad Small wicks from them because they did not burn well at all.

My second wooden wick order was with Unity (they are the manufacturer of these wicks). These seemed to perform better but I've learned not to expect crackle from each wick :(.

All of my testing has been in GW 464 soy and different palms. I'd avoid using wooden wicks with palm unless it is small amounts of palm mixed into other waxes.

I haven't tested in any Parasoy, so no help there.

Good luck!

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Hi Susan

Did you know that David has been testing some wood wicks and then going back to tne manufacturer with recommendations. If we are lucky ACS may soon have wood wicks in stock that perform better than anything else out there, based on changes and suggestions made.

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Is ACS here in the US? Just asking because One of my suppliers is Aztec..but it could be Alibaster too. I currently use wood wicks from Bittercreek and they are very very good. I would love for others to carry them as well just in case they ever run short on stock. I have not found any to be as good as theirs.

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