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need some ideas……Coconut scents


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Coconut and banana

Coconut and orange

Coconut, orange and banana

Coconut, orange, banana and a splash of grapefruit

Coconut and rosemary might be good

Coconut and mint

Coconut and chocolate

Coconut and blueberry

Coconut, pineapple, banana, orange ... maybe even a dash of sandalwood

Coconut and any fruit really ... so I'll leave it at that.

Coconut and Oatmeal cookies maybe

Coconut and Chocolate chip cookies maybe

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50/50 Straight coconut and antique sandalwood (CS- my fave sandalwood!)

I LOVE this blend. You can also add a tiny bit of Mimosa ? (it's from CS too is it Mandarin Mimosa? I can't remember!) to this to give it a bit of a fruity kick.

Another mix I tried, but can't remember the ratios:

Straight coconut, Green Tea, and a straight mango.

I have a blend of Frank & Myrrh and coconut in the shop marinating. Smelled ok at first... but not sure how it smells right now though! I let my blends sit a few days before really judging.

I love to mix coconut with EVERYTHING. Imma coconut FREAK. :)

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Hi Everyone,

I am looking for some suggestions on something to blend with coconut. I do not want to do the usual coconut/lime etc although I like it I am looking for something unusual. Thanks

What are the portions you mix with the coconut & lime, if you don't mind my asking? Thanks!

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