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Gift Set Pricing


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I'm getting ready to put together little gift sets for the holidays, and am trying to figure out how to price them. I only make candles, and only two sizes, so not many options in the way of variety--I'm planning to group fragrance types. The thing is, I'm assuming I should make it a "deal", i.e. three candles that would normally cost $14 each for a total of $____? Or maybe four that are normally $10 each for $___? I know getting them out there is the goal, so it's in effect paying a little for advertising by cutting the candle prices. I think my husband will cobble together some little crates for me, so that shouldn't be much of a cost on my end.

Just wondering if any of you have really simple candle-only sets like this and how they sell for you.

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Just a thought...you don't HAVE to do just candles. I often put holiday items with a candle as a set. One thing that sold really well for me last year was a 16 oz apoth candle with a really nice Christmas ornament on top of the jar wrapped with a big wired ribbon bow. I use shrinkwrap to make a bag but you could do it with cello. The ornament is just a big ball of "berry" like the berry garland. It makes an awesome gift set and keeps the price lower than if I did a set with 2 candles. Just a thought....

I have also done baskets using 2 smaller candles and an ornament or figurine in a basket from the dollar store. Comes out cute and is still fairly low priced.

As far as pricing them, I usually figure out my price for the product then just add in the accessories at 1.5-2x cost. I usually shoot for prices between $10-35 with most around $20-25 but also a good assortment around $10-15 for teacher/grab gifts.

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