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Spice Scents- non-foody


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A few people have asked me for more spice-type fragrances. I also like those types of scents, but haven't found more than a couple that fit the bill without being foody. (Dragon's Blood and Moon Lake Musk from CS are great...I'm still puttering around with their cinnamon fo's.)

I use almost exclusively CS oils because I love the soy rating they put on each one--pretty much eliminates wasting time with a fragrance that fizzles out in soy--but if anyone knows of some great spice fo's from someone else, I'm open to suggestion! I use GB464 wax, BTW.

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From CS, try their Asian Amber, one of my favorites. You'll either love it or hate it!

Peaks has some nice FO's, Asian Sandalwood, White Lily and Amber, and my favorite from them Black Canyon. Very strong in 464.

Keep an eye out a Moonworks. Most of her fragrances are very complex and I wouldn't really call most of them foody. Unfortunately, she is out of stock on several of her fragrances. Some good ones are Ancient Incense, Earthen Oak, Saffron and Spice, Witches Brew and my fav Patchouli Passion. If you do get some Witches Brew, be sure to try it in product or as a warmer oil before making a decision based on OOB. It does smell a lot like Pine Sol. But, let the other notes mature and OMG! It is very nice. Thanks to Nancy in another post for mentioning that or I would have probably tossed it...

Also check out Tony's stuff at Southern Garden Scents. He carries quite a few FO that lean more towards spice. I love his Dragon's Blood and have had good luck with Cedar Leaves. He also has several Sandalwoods and some Ambers, but haven't tried them yet. He does offer sniffies and has a create your own sampler pack.

Anyway, hth


eta: Forgot to mention Moon Shadow from Aroma Haven/Rustic Essentials. Very unique scent. Did great in my 464.

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What an awesome list! :yay:Thanks very much--I will check them out~ I have a few guys wanting more "masculine" scents!

P.S. I think I'm more on the "hate" side for CS Asian Amber...my daughter (a spa potato) insisted I sample it, but I didn't like it at all OOB. She admitted that it wasn't what she expected based on the name either. I went ahead and whipped up a candle to try, but...naah. Oh well. Love those free CS samples!

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