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Linen Spray question


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It does state 1-5 % FO or EO rate on the description page.

Air Freshener/Linen Spray base is super easy to make. Add any of our Fragrance Oils at a rate of 2-5%, shake, then pour into sprayer bottles. Incorporates well with most fragrance and essential oils, but individual evaluation is always recommended. (If cloudiness occurs, you can usually add more base & this will greatly reduce or eliminate the cloudiness). No preservative or additional ingredients necessary.

*** NOT FOR USE DIRECTLY ON SKIN. If you're looking for a body spray, check out our Moisturizing Body Spray or Cyclomethicone.

~ Spritz throughout the house, on pet bedding, in the car, in gym bags or anywhere that needs refreshing.

~ Spritz on a wash cloth and toss in dryer.

~ Spritz on air conditioner filters & the scent will permeate through the home.

~ Make matching scents for sachets & customers can easily refresh them.

~ 100% evaporation @ room temp (do not spray directly on furniture, bedding, animals etc)

~ Biodegradable, environmentally safe & vegan friendly. Meets C.A.R.B (California Air Resources Board) requirements for VOC compliancy.

Usage rate: Add 1-5% fragrance or essential oil

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