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How much FO should I use?


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Are you using a multi cavity soap mold that holds 4 oz of soap each or are you making individual 4 oz soaps in a single cavity mold? Amount of fo would depend on the IFRA percentage of each fragrance you plan to use. Some of mine I can use up to 5% and some only 1% (which I normally stay away from). What/whose base are you using? With my base and a 3 cavity mold that makes 4 oz bars and an fo that can safely be used at 5% I just multiply 12 oz by 5% = .6 oz of fo. I usually calculate a little over in my base..say 12.6 oz or so just to make sure I have enough to fill each cavity. Even with the little bit of overage, I would still use the .6oz of fo.

I hope all that made sense. Even if you can use an fo at 5%, if it's a strong one I would drop it down to about 3%.. sometimes it's just trial & error. Better to use less and then add more than use too much.


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