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Some Pillars we did

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Here are some pillars the wife and I have poured for a "thanksgiving" theme


Blackraspberry in starburst


Brownsugar/fig, Apple cobbler/Plum/Cherry cobbler, Cappuccino Hazelnut in starburst, and Huckleberry Harvest in the crystalbrite


same as above


Brownsugar/fig, and Huckleberry Harvest


Cobbler tri-layer. The candycorn is ecosoy pb


Blackraspberry and Brownsugar fig in starburst


Huckleberry Harvest and Cappaccino Hazelnut

One on the left I mixed some stearic into it, and the middle pulled in a bit....


Huckleberry, Blueberry Cobbler, and Monkeyfart

Same as above with the stearic with the Huckleberry


The Status Jar is poured with 100% vegetable stearic acid. We have just recieved some glassglow from Peaks, and will test that soon.I think it will be a nicer looking jar.

They are made from Crystal Brite Palm PB wax that I got from Swans.

Thanks for looking :)










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Thankyou all. We have only been making candles for around 4 months now.Your kind words will go along way in keeping our wicks burning in this adventure !

@ quietgirl2004...Peaks is our main supplier for fo. I have a Swans around 1/2hr south of me, so I use them for the " dangit, I just ran out of scent, or(insert your own inventory item you might forget to order) " :)

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Absolutely beautiful! Love the way you have them displayed.

Where did you find the baskets - they look very nice!

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Hello again :)

Yes, the basket and the turkey came from Jo-Anns. Rather disappointed as they only had the 1 turkey...but at least I got 1..lol

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