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Before and After Furniture


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Just finished these and decided to keep the pieces instead of selling them. Thanks for looking! :)

Paid $25.00 for this old Broyhill dresser.



Paid $25 for this headboard as a clearance item at Walmart. I've always hated it, but figured I could, eventually, do something with it.



This sewing cabinet was given to me by my FIL. I always thought it looked more like a secretary.




Couldn't find a lamp shade, so I made this one.


Husband made the bench and I added the zebra print to pull it together.


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Wow very different. You obviously took a lot of time to do all of that painting. Makes for a very interesting and unique bedroom suite.

Love the shade of your curtains.

Thanks, Deena.

Yes, it certainly was some tedious painting, but I knew it was something I would want to keep for a very long time and so I plunged ahead. I toned down the background colors with clear glaze adding in some Burnt Umber. I thought it did well.

The curtains are chocolate suede, which I think brings out the chocolate animal print. I was very happy to find them on sale for $10 per panel!

Thanks again for your kind words!

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Wow, you've totally remade your bedroom! What a lot of creativity to bring it all together. I bet your husband thinks you are pretty crafty. Good job. Beth

Thanks, Lightning Bug. He does think I'm crafty. Only problem - He is color blind, so he doesn't get real excited about stuff like this. LOL! As long as I'm saving money, he's good! :laugh2:

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Is it possible to have a photo showing the whole room together?

Got a bargain on the curtains as well.

Did you free hand the prints or use a stencil?

The layout of the room makes it impossible to get the whole thing in one shot. I bought three sets of curtains and decided on the suede. I was afraid I wouldn't like the room to be dark, but the walls are light and so it's not too bad. I'm looking for a valance that matches so I can keep the panels open. Haven't had any luck. I'll probably have to run by the fabric store and make my own.

I did use some stenciling, but I had to smooth and join some of the prints to make it work. I knew this project would take some time and so I opted for stencils being that I wasn't going to sell the pieces.

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Very nice! I love older furniture. They don't make furniture like that anymore. My husband keeps nagging me to get rid of our bedroom set and I refuse. It is old as dirt and grey with black details--but I love the curves in it and the design! Gorgeous! You did such a great job repurposing that old furniture, it has new life now. :)

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