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solid perfume lockets

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I spent a Long time last night searching for something like them. I couldn't find anything that had those little refill cups. I guess thats what you would call them.:confused:

I think she just makes the refills the size of the locket so they will fit if someone orders a refill?

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I dont know where FSW gets alot of her supplies.. but shes very innovative and original, thats for sure. Her photography is always top notch too. Heres the thing though... theres something to be said for her innovative idea staying her idea.. know what i mean? I know its the nature of the beast, and I know its common we get ideas off eachother.. but.. well, thats all I'll say. :)

They look to me like mary kay type refillable compacts.. so I would search for makeup lockets, lip gloss lockets, fillable lockets... use key words in google, froogle, and bing.. search through a few different engines.. and see what you can come up with.. you might not find the exact ones but i bet you can find someting similar

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Sorry the lockets (or very similiar ones) are here


Tkb has the aluminum trays for the refills. They are what are used to put pressed pigment in for eye shadows, etc. Put in the site search Tins and they will pop up. You really need the little trays so you can have refills. These would make awesome tinted lip balm containers. At one of the Wholesale locket companies you can order them with a mirror. Would that be so neat to have lip gloss and mirror together...just a thought:)

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