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Lip Balm Labels


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Mine are still a work in progress but here are sample pix. I use clear and white labels and both look nice. But my fav that isn't included in the pix is actually white labels on clear natural tubes. Not sure why but the white label on the clear tube looks great with the color of the gloss showing out the top and bottom of the label.





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Are you sure you don't mean lip tube shrink wrap sleeves and not labels? The shrink wrap sleeves fit over the tube with the label already on it. You just shrink it with a heat gun. It has perferations at the top so customers can just pull off the seal to use. I get mine from Elements. They also carry labels for lip tubes.

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Luminous-- those look nice. I too switched to 2x4" labels and cut them in half. Its the same size I use for many products and always have them in stock so its real convenient. Still use the perf bands from Elements. Also use their lip balm tubes, flavor oils, and sweetener. The lip balm base is okay but I prefer the organic base from C&S.

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