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Opinions on Best Exfoliant for CP soap


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I personally use green chia tea ,two tea bags in 3lbs of soap as an exfoliant and it is very exfoliating. pumice powder is the softest exfoliant in my opinion but I believe it is used the most in gardeners soap. . I have never uses luffa but I think it is more expensive.

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I swear by finely ground apricot kernel. It's very effective at smoothing the skin and you can dial in the exact scrubbiness you want by adjusting the amount.

I haven't tested every exfoliant, but I've tried pretty much all the seeds and they seemed too big. You can really feel them even when they're few and far between. When you add enough to scrub effectively, the soap seems too bumpy and scratchy to me.

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You'll have to play around with it for amounts.. I've tried different amounts with different results. Too much, and its like sand paper. Too little, and its scratchy without doing much.

A good way to test would be to use a mold where you could pour individual bars, and mix some into each bar. I'd start with 1/8 tbsp per 4 oz (1/2 tbsp per pound..) and work my way up... to as much as 1/2 tbsp per 4oz which works out to 2tbsp per pound...

ps top is right, they are the same thing.

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