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Using website stock photos on your labels?

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Does any one use websites such as dreamstime or istockphoto for pics to put on their labels? I was checking out these websites for some new labels after reading about them here on the forum. After reading the description for the license for the photos, it looks like you need more than just a royalty free license in order to put them on a product that you intend to sell. It looks like you would need to purchase a Print Usage Extended License? These are much more expensive than just the RF license. Can anyone help clarify this? Thanks!

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I use my own doctored photos. I just found it to be something that was far easier to manipulate and save. The color changes on it to go with what I've colored a candle ... so if it's red, I might look at the label altered to be light pink or dark red etc. Hope that didn't confuse you, but I just found it was easier for me to keep things uniform (art that is) and then change the coloring through filters.

I thought about using the art stuff online, but then how much of that am I going to have to find and most of it actually wasn't what I really wanted.

You could go out and shoot the stuff yourself, which I wasn't hip on doing

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Scented would you mind sharing how your doctor your photos. :laugh2:I'm really having a hard time trying to come up especially with a logo design that can be edited easily. Any help suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm no expert but I thought it was okay to use photos from those sites on things like a business logo or label just paying the one-time fee. However, if you were to use the photos/artwork in situations where the photos themselves are the selling point - say in greeting cards - then you paid for the extended license because you're reselling someone else's work.

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Jill, that's where I get a little confused myself. I thought I had read somehwere that you could use them after paying just a couple of dollars, but after I started reading the different license descriptions on their websites, I became really confused as to which license I had to purchase in order to use it on my candles. I am going to email them, and if they respond I'll post what they have to say. Thanks for your replies!

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Here is the reply I received from dreamstime.com about using their pictures as labels. It looks like, as long as they are not used for the logo, then they are ok to use on your labels.


Hello Joe,

Thank you for contacting Dreamstime.

If the images are used simply to enhance the labels visually and they are not used as logo, then you can download the files under the standard Royalty free license:


Best regards,

Carmen Pietraru

Quality Assurance and Support - Dreamstime



Ph: +1 615 771 5611 (US)

Email: carmen@dreamstime.com

Comments: I would like a little bit of guidance on which license I need to purchase. I would like to purchase a couple of pictures to use on my candle labels. Which license would I need to be in compliance. Thank you very much. Joe Stratton The Germantown Candle Company

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