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frustrated to no end

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I am not new to making candles just coloring them. I have tried to color my tarts in the past but they would frost so I didnt even bother to venture with colors any further. Now a few years later we want to color them. We have been testing and testing candles only to find the HT is not really happening. I have also had to change the jars we use because the ones we carried before are no longer an option. We have switched to the 8 oz tins, use gb464 wax and have tried LX, HTP, RRD and ecos. Everything else is super. CT, melt pool, the way the candle burns. Either my nose is failing or there really is no HT. I have tested about 12 different fragrances from different companies and these are the ones I used before we used color or tins and they worked great. Does adding color change the HT?

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Its not clear if you are using the same jars, wicks, wax, etc. that you were using before and started adding color, or if you started adding color while also changing jars & wicks.

If your jars and wicks are different that can definitely have an effect on the scent throw.

If your jars, wicks, wax, etc. are exactly the same as before and you have only added color and the scent throw has changed then you have eliminated the culprit and need to try another color option.

I use Lonestar's liquid candle dyes and/or CS Reddig dye chips with no problems. I have noticed that using too much liquid dye can effect my scent throw in some oils.

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How long do you let them cure? My belief would be that dye should have no impact on the ht. If everything is working as it should and the fos have been formulated for vegetable wax blends; you should be getting reasonable throw. Hand them off to your testers and see if they report no ht. HTH


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Thats a good idea chuck, I think I will gives some to my friends to try. Maybe my smeller is broken. Although, my DH didnt smell them either:confused: . I am still going to hand some out.

Candybee~ I am using CS reddig chips. candles have actually cured for at least a month or so. Sorry I wasnt clear about jars and such. I am doing everything at once. New jars and trying to find the right wick plus coloring. Maybe I should step back one and make some without color then work from there. Just seems weird that not one wick worked. I also tried the cds which I forgot to mention in my first post.

I am wondering if maybe it could be something with the wax. Its the same wax (464) but its a different box. Just to weird to me.

Anyways I purchased some cb advanced. It should be here in a couple days. I will see what happens with that. Can someone tell me, I never worked with this wax before, what is a good cure time for this specific wax?

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