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need advice on GB464/444

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I am new to soy wax and looking for a little help/advice on making a choice between the golden brands 464 or 444 for containers, as well as wicks for containers 2.75" to 3.25" round glass. Basically I would like to know what you all have found to work the best... I also live in a vary humid part of the country Fla. so if humidy causes problems with soy or causes frosting please let me know and what can be done about it. I was looking at the eco wicks? are they a good choice?

thank you in advance for your help and advice.


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Hi Candleman, I'm kinda new to candles myself, but will say what works for me so far. Hopefully, someone with more experience will jump in.

I live in Georgia now and am using 464. The Candle Science website says the 444 might be better for the warmer climates because of the higher melt point. It's been as hot and humid here the last couple of months as when we lived in Central Florida and my candles are doing fine. However, mine are just in my house or who I give them to, I'm not shipping them. I think that's the biggest concern.

Like I said I use 464, so the wicks may not work the same. Candle Science has a wick selector guide that can be helpful. My wick of choice for the 464 is either the Eco or the CD's. I have tried LX, HTP, RRD and probably some others. I get the best HT from the Eco's and a better burning wick from the CD's. So, still testing.... One day I'll find the sweet spot!

Fragrance, colorant, additives and weather conditions can have an affect on soy. For the 464, the cooler I can pour, the less frosting I get. Especially with darker colors. I'm actually trying to come up with a Soy/Paraffin blend I like to help stablize that. And, I can pour hotter, because I'm impatient. :cheesy2: If you search the forum for frosting, you can find a lot of hints, tips or tricks that might work for you.

Here's a link to a website that gives a good guideline for different brands of wicks. Their selection is based on straight paraffin, so you will probably need to wick up.


Hope that helps!!


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