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Woodfield soap molds


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I recently purchased two small block molds from them. I don't know how to get it right with them. I get a wavy effect on the top of the block of soap. I soaped some bulgarian lavender yesterday, and when I took the lid off, the soap was wavy, and even had a cave like dip in the center.

Is this getting too hot? Too cold? In my old molds, I used a transparency sheet on top to prevent ash, but didn't think I needed it with the lid for these. Anyone use these, and have any suggestions? It would be greatly appreciated.


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Are you moving the mold while the soap is still in liquid form that may be what is causing it to make waves. I usually leave my top open for a few minutes before I put Glad Press and seal on top it doesn't touch the soap.

I then put a cover over the top after I put the press and seal on there.

Another thing I like to do it spray a fine mist of 91% alcohol with a sprayer bottle holding the bottle way up high I think it helps alot with ash on top of the soaps.

Can you post a pic of your soap?


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No, I don't move my molds after I pour. I have used wooden molds for many years now, but they didn't have silicone liners. I covered them with several layers of blanket. I figured the silicone would hold the heat, especially with the nice, tight fitting lids. So, I don't insulate with even a towel. Maybe that's the problem.

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I haven't used that particular mold, but they likely do get quite hot with the silicone plus the lid and towels or blankets. I peek and add a towel if the soap doesn't seem to be getting to gel stage as fast as I think it should.

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