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fall/Christmas line-up


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I'm trying to keep my line-up small - and varied. I've researched on here and that's how I came up with a couple of these scents - a couple I already have used and want to keep.

But I need some advice on a few...these will be in soaps (CP &/or HP) and wax tarts.

Already used and keeping...

*Christmas Splendor (MC)

*Pumpkin Souffle (MC)

Need advice on where to get...

*Frankensence/Mhyrr (?)

*a peppermint

*a christmas tree/pine - I was thinking the Christmas Tree from CS

Also - this one sounds the best to me for cranberry, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Yankee's Cranberry Chutney and would maybe rather have a dupe of that (but from where??)

*Cranberry Marmelade (CS)

Planning on getting but have never used...

*Hansel & Gretel's House (NG)

*Dutch Apple Pie (MC)




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Since you already order from mc, have you tried their.

Frankincense & myrrh

Mint candy cane

Mistletoe or white pine. Balsam & spice is great also.

CS's cranberry marmalade is great, so is mc's spiced cranberry

Cs's hansel & gretels house is awesome.

You can't go wrong with mc's dutch apple pie.

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CS Pumpkin Souffle, Cranberry Marmalade, and Hanzel & Gretels House are great oils. I have those on my fall line up as they have always been good sellers for me. I would also add their Mistletoe and Holly Berry. CS Mistletoe is my fav oil. Lastly, I was dissapointed in CS Frank & Myrrh so you may want to find it elsewhere.

For a peppermint I would do a candy cane, winterwonderland, or jack frost type scent but don't know who carries the good ones.

I love the christmas tree oil from Fillmore Containers. Its an awesome xmas tree and smells exactly like the one at the old Tradewinds company. Another super oil is Elements/flickers Christmas Pines renamed Rocky Mtn Pine. I use it year round in my soap but sell a ton during the holidays.

I also sell a lot of gingerbread and love the Honey Gingerbread from BW. They also carry a Pumpkin Gingerbread and a Gingerbread Latte that are awesome. So for a good gingerbread I use BW.

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Candybee - thanks! I do love pumpkin souffle - I have a melt going right now of it in the kitchen. YUM. I'll have to check out the mistletoe. I have some jack frost from CS (I thikn that's where)...I'm just not in love with it - to me it almost smells like there is pine in it but that's not in the description. :who knows:

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Regarding a dupe to YC's Cranberry Chutney...

I just poured AH's Cranberry (CherMark formulation) into soyblend tarts last night & it smells very very similar to YC's Cranberry Chutney. It is skin safe...I want to put it into some lotion or soap for myself.

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