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Halloween theme molds ?


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I ordered a couple silicon Halloween themed molds from Van Yulay (and they look lovely)

I got a mold for mini melts of ghosts, which I am sure will go well and a general mold of the hearts to try out for my regular line mini-melts.

Then I got a 'mixed' mold with ghosts, pumpkins & spiders (I mainly got it for the jacks and the ghosts)

Question: I am wondering if the spider melts will creep too many people out or am I over thinking it because I HATE spiders?

Thanks for any replies, I don't want to put something up that is going to turn too many people away. (opening planned for 9-1-2010)

I have a reasonable amount of my 'normal' melts/fragrances tested out and these are just my themed type I plan to add on for my sampler submissions and holiday.


p.s. does anyone else feel strange testing fall/winter fragrance types during the heat of summer? I've found that the candy cane, jack frost, minty types are actually quite cooling lol.

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I carry both candles and wax melt clamshells in my shop. I do offer halloween fragrances but only in wax melts, and let people know that I can pour in a candle if they want. I test everything in wax melts first too see if there is any interest in the fragrance.


Okie Scents

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This year I am adding some pumpkin and leaf tarts for fall and some snow flake and Christmas tree tarts for the Christmas season, along with my regular tarts. We'll see how it goes this year.

Last year I spent all summer working on chunk containers and pillars for fall, but they didn't sell very well. For me, they were very time consumming, but I wanted to give it a try because I thought they were so pretty and different from a regular candle.

I would give a try, you never know what will sell unless you try it!


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Thanks for the replies everyone.

I've been pouring the molds in the various colors I use,

and while the spiders may never be my favorite :) there really aren't that many and they aren't very big, so they actually make a good 'trail mix' of mini melts with the other mold shapes.

Mini-melts and oval cups seem to be popular in our area...I'm throwing some clamshells out there to see if they stick, but not counting on it at the moment, so catching the eye with the 'themed' melts is important at the moment and from what I've seen, they do fairly well here, well enough to try it.


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I bought the cutest cupcakes with spiders magnets and had corey grayson make molds for me...based on the look of the magnet I think they will turn out adorable...I'm just trying to figure out if I want to pour black wax for the spider and the legs (I think with wax as opposed to soap it will be difficult to pour the legs) or if I should just paint the spiders.

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