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What soaps are you making this weekend?


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I haven't soaped since my accident in May and am looking forward to just making some basic bars of EVOO soap.

I had no iea that I was so low on stock as I hadn't been to the markets or anything for a while until last week and then kapow - couldn't fill an order last week!


So...... bread and butter lines first before playtime........ for this gal anyway.

Happy soaping everyone!

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Well ... now that there are no people here and maybe after I get back from a fair, I might be able to get something done.

Need to get our fall/winter scents going before I get killed by my partner.

Looking at cranberry and pumpkin stuff, but really would like something different too ... any suggestions?

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I didn't get anything made today :sad2:. But I shouldn't complain, the store was too busy this afternoon and had the farmers market this morning. I did manage to get my front window changed snd it does look so pretty. Tomorrow I will buckle down!!

Scented I did a mix yesterday of Cranberry spice and Candy corn because I didn't have enough of them to make a batch. I love it!! I also had a little of Autumn Harvest and pumpkin and mixed them It is really nice. More of a pumpkin/ spicy vanilla to my nose but it is not that great.

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Sue.... cranberry spice and candy corn sounds lovely! If you want to share your blend, you can post it here if you would like:


Another sandalwood blend you might like is 50/50 coconut and sandalwood. I used DS Coconut Soapsilly version (straight coconut) and CS Antique Sandalwood. I have this blend sitting in the shop marinating and it smells gorgeous. Doesn't smell too summery at all to me, and could surely pass as a different kind of Fall scent.

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I actually got to make two batches tonight. One is just a basic unscented bastille that was running very low on stock. The other is a remake of a chocolate/coffee soap I tried in the spring. I wasn't happy with the scent, so this time, I added more!! It's scented and colored with cocoa powder and ground coffee beans. that's it. looked just like chocolate pudding. Actually smelled decent at pour! I piped some plain white that I held out, on top- like whipped cream- and added "chocolate shavings" from a grated bar of the original attempt.

Can't wait to unmold!! It's in the fridge now- trying to avoid gel. We'll see.


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