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Cinnamon & Palm Wax


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I was just curious if anyone else was having an issue with cinnamon and cinnamon blends smelling like fuel or a nasty burnt smell?

I have been burning a 50/50 blend of Mac Apple and Red Hot Cinnamon both from CS at 1oz per lb. I also tried Cranberry Marmalade at the same concentration with the same results. I have had no issue with these scents in CB135 but with Glass Glow at 1oz per lb they just smell gross. Cure time for these was 1 week as well.

All other scents I have used smell and burn great...just seems to be the FOs with strong cinnamon.

I just poured another batch of both using .8oz per lb this time to see if maybe I just had too much FO. Will see how this goes.

Has anyone else had good luck with a cinnamon blend or just straight cinnamon with Glass Glow that they would care to share? :)



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With the glass glow you can cut back the oil to 1/2 oz or 3/4 oz per lb. I suspect thats what you need to do with your cinnamon oil and cinnamon blends. Just try using less and see if that works.

What wicks are you using? I use the CSN from CS. Make sure you are not overwicking with the CSN wicks. I find that the wick guide at CS always gives me one size too high so I always wick down one.

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Thanks for the response Candybee. I use CD wicks with the Glass Glow and havent had any issues with getting a nice even burn. I tried the CSNs but didnt like the high flames.

It was just with the cinnamon and a couple heavy cinnamon blends that I had that nasty burnt fuel smell. I poured more testers at 3/4oz.

So you havent had any issues with throw going down to 1/2 or 3/4oz per lb?

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I use the CS red hot cinnamon mixed 50/50 with creme brulee at 1 oz per lb with no problems. Haven't noticed any fuel smells. Could be the creme brulee mixed with it.

When I use CS Mistletoe I have to cut down to 3/4 oz its so strong.

Try researching other GG users on this board. Several use FO at smaller amts than 1 oz per lb. GG has such a great throw you don't need to overdo the scent.

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