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Grainy Shea


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OMG grrrrr....I am going crazy. I have some shea that I got from Columbus foods. It is refined but due to the hot weather when it shipped, it is super grainy! I tempered it to 150 for 20 mins and then cooled it off quickly in the freezer. It is great for a few days but as soon as it even gets a little warm, the grans come back!! I hate it! I was using WSP shea butter and never had to deal with this but I can't afford $9.00 for a pound anymore..Can anyone help? PLEASE?

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I got some unrefined from Columbus foods, and even with a little graininess initially, once I process it into my shea butter, no issues, and my last batch has been curing for a few days and still looks creamy and smooth. Have you tried just letting it cool slowly instead of trying to flash freeze it?

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