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hunters spray


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Hi all,

I am looking for an inexpensive,but very effective way to make hunter's spray for deer season. My hubby lives and breathes hunting and fishing. I did some searches and some say use persimmon scent.

I make room and linen sprays already. I guess if I found a persimmon scent I'd still use my base with it?

Any ideas would be helpful. I'd make some and send them with him to east Tx.

He uses deer urine already,grossssss..lol

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I made a CP Soap for DH, my brother and his kids-they all hunt. I made a mix out Dirt and Sweetgrass Fragrance oils and Cedarwood and some Fir needle E/O. The soap is almost finished curing and smells like the cover spray DH uses (he picked out the scents). You could use that combination as a body spray. I figured I'd make him one, as the soap won't cover the scent on his clothes and such. Good luck.

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He didn't want buck lure, he wanted a soap to cover body scent. He had some stuff in a spray bottle from last year, it was pretty close to the soap I made. The body spray would be for the clothes.

One of his friends wanted soap made with deer urine, but I told him the scent wouldn't last with the lye and I really wouldn't want to make that anyway. Yuck!

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I could try those..I heard Persimmon worked but not sure...I'd just have to try. I don't make soap but can make the spray.

Can't believe it's about that time of year already again,but around here it gets talked about every day,lol Almost like the season never leaves!

I went deer hunting last year and it wasn't bad. I didn't get one though. Maybe this year..I rather go fishing though:cheesy2:

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Amazing,huh? I didn't realize how spoiled we were to it after eating it the last couple of years..lol. I mean,it was totally gross eating sausage from the store anymore,lol.

Wish us all luck and our men get us enough to last for quite awhile this year! :cheesy2:

Good luck to all of 'em!!

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