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calling all soap makers


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Currently I offer goat milk, white, and clear in a variety of scents. I used to offer more soap types; gm, white, honey, clear, aloe vera, hemp, shea butter, mango butter, and cocoa butter. Then I decided to simplify down to the 3 soap types as it meant big savings of my resources, time, and money.

Lately I have been considering offering only the goat milk. I can still offer different types of soap using only one base but with differing additives for basic soap, exfoliating soap, shaving soap, facial bars, etc.

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I offer two types of soap. One type done in geometric shapes & layers using white & clear bases that is offered in many different scents & colors. The other is a honey soap. I add my own honey to a clear base & offer in complimentary scents..like apricot honey, peach honey, etc. I've thought about different bases like shea butter, cocoa butter but then the expense forced me to narrow it down to just those two (at least for the time being or I win the lottery).


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I have a shea butter and goat milk combination soap and I also make one that is without the shea butter for those allergic to shea butter.

I was thinking about offering some others, like oatmeal and aloe. I baught an aloe base to try out and test.

I don't want to offer to many typed, but also want to have a varity for people. Still think I may do the oatmeal and/or aloe as specialty seasonal soaps.

Others, feel free to answer and give feedback on my idea if you would like.


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