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Let's suppose that

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You make 1 candle or 1 wax tart. One candle is paraffin and one is soy. Same with the tart (one paraffin, one soy).

The candle is wicked correctly, has no dye. Nothing is added to these two waxes. Same FO for both candle and tart, same amount (ok, maybe just a tad more for the soy).

Now, supposing we have the same amount of wax for the tart and the candle (it'll be a huge tart or a puny candle), which one would last longer, the paraffin wax or the soy?

I'm asking because I've come across websites where the claim is that soy lasts longer than paraffin. But I've also read that parasoy offers the best of both worlds, meaning the strong throw of paraffin and the clean, long lasting scent of soy. What is your experience? TIA

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Academically regarding the candles, (in my opinion) the rate of wax consumption would be based on the burn rate of the wick. Not endorsing this website but providing the link that gives a fairly good explanation of what I'm talking about. This addresses the wick issue whether the wax is paraffin, gel (or soy which is not specifically mentioned but applies just the same.) http://www.wicksuperstore.com/

So if each is wicked "properly" it will depend on the wick being used which may have different burn rates for the different type of wax.

Too many variables for me to say anything about the tarts.

Edited by Judy, USMC
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