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Using Mica in candles?

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Hello. I ordered some gumdrops embeds from rustic escentuals and she suggested rolling them in mica to give them a sugar coated appearance. Who else has used mica in their candles? How did it work out? Also, how do real sprinkles, sugar, and cinnamon fair in candles? I know a lot of people do, just wondering how it works out with the flame and all. TIA.

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I've accidently ended up with mica in a candle before... spilled almost 1/4 oz into a pound of wax. So I said what the hell and poured the candles anyway. Didnt affect the burn in any way, in my experience and was really pretty actually... so I dont think it would hurt to use it on an embed.. I only had it in this one batch, with one wick and scent though... so I really couldnt give you a concrete answer.

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